Alarm is going off in, oh, 6ish hours for my mini-trip to Chicago with HRG.  I’m really very excited, but that 0800 departure is going to come very, VERY early.

I’ve managed to overpack, as usual, and am forcibly keeping myself from adding a couple more items to my bag.  Sure, I’ll come to regret it, but that’s what happens when I travel.  I’m equipped with two guidebooks, two iPods, one camera and not nearly enough money to do all the playing that I’d like (but who ever does?).

The weather is looking shaky for both Friday and Saturday – scattered thunderstorms both days.  I really, REALLY hope that I can get to see the Cubs play.  That’ll make this whole trip worthwhile.

bean2I seriously doubt I’ll be able to maintain my daily blog posts while on this trip.  I’m not taking my laptop because I don’t feel like lugging it around and blogging from my phone is just weird.  We’ll see how I feel once I’m on the go.  Wish me bon voyage!


One thought on “TTFN

  1. Stephenie says:

    Bon voyage! (Late, as can be expected from me. At least you are still on your voyage.)

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