HRG wanted to come check out the garden with me when I went to water and weed today.  NOT a good idea.  I wasn’t planning on a full-scale assault; just wanted to water it if it was too dry and do some token weeding.  I knew I’d have to settle in and do some hardcore kneeling and plucking at some point this week, but I also knew it wasn’t going to be today.

From the second we pulled into the parking lot, HRG was critical of my little plot of soil.  I didn’t plant enough.  I didn’t weed enough.  Why did I plant this and not that?  Why didn’t I plant more of that and less of this?  So-and-so’s plot a couple of plots over looks so much better.  At first I acted like a grown-up and everything.  I showed her where my summer squash were blossoming and how there we wee yellow squash growing.  I showed her how my second pea planting was coming along and how the first one was starting to show pods.  I showed her all the baby grape tomatoes that were coming along and how the peppers were starting to sprout.  Her only comment?  “How come you have so many more weeds than the plot next to yours?”

That’s when I left her in the garden and went to sit by the car.

She wants to come back with me tomorrow; I’m not sure I can take it.  Maybe if I have a fully-charged iPod…


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