My Kind of Town

As I mentioned before, Chicago is my first love.  At the end of the day, I firmly believe that either the City of Broad Shoulders or DC will be my forever home, but for now, I’m back in the Buckeye State.  But last week, I got to spend four days tromping around a city I love, acting like a tourist and visiting old friends.  I wish I could’ve stayed longer, done more, taken more photos, but alas – time got away from me, as usual.

Thursday was the only day I really played solo.  I went to the The Skydeck at the Sears Willis Tower, enjoyed the view, and watched people take pictures of their feet:

downOf course, I can’t judge…


After that, I just walked.  I saw art…


Calder’s “Flamingo”

…and boats on the South Branch of the Chicago River.

dearbornI met up with my friend Dave and then we walked some more!

pb1 cropDave literally dragged me across street, gasping “Oooh!  You’ve GOTTA see Puppet Bike!!!”  I was not disappointed.  So cute!


Kids frolicking in Crown Fountain, Millennium Park

We moseyed along the lake shore and skirted Navy Pier.  We grabbed a drink in The Globe Pub and dinner at Smoque.  As much as I love the tourist-y stuff, I enjoyed getting out of the loop and exploring a bit more of the city.

Friday, I flew solo.  I managed to hang in there during a three-hour rain delay, spending WAY too much time and money at Murphy’s Bleachers, but in the end, I got to go to my first game at Wrigley.  SO worth the wait.


First Pitch!

First Pitch!

Go Cubs Go

Go Cubs Go!

Unfortunately, my phone died during the rain delay so playing meetup tag with my friend, Tamara, was a bit tricky, but we eventually got together and I spent a couple of days with her.   My last couple of days are a blur of food and friends and it couldn’t have been better.

Looking towards Hancock

Looking towards Hancock

Logan Square

Logan Square

Spicy Bloodies

Spicy Bloodies



I can’t wait to go back!

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