Sunday Was NOT My Day of Rest

I decided I had to begin my anti-zombie training today, despite the rec center being closed, so I took to the streets.  I forgot exactly how much more slowly I move when I have to propel my own mass across the ground.  It was slow going, but I did it!

zom1I wish I’d headed out earlier than 11:30ish – it was hella humid by the time I hit the road – but I did it and that’s what matters.  Tomorrow will be another elliptical day.  I wish the rec center had Body Pump; it really was the only time I habitually got any sort of strength training.  I know I need to start hitting the weight machines again, but my goal is to hit the gym for five days in the next week and then add weights the following week.  We’ll see.  Right now, I’m just trying to develop the habit of working out.

I’ve also been experimenting with smoothies.  I know I have to eat before I work out and since I’ve been working out in the morning, that limits my options.  So far, I’ve tried banana-peanut butter, strawberry-banana, and today’s try was strawberry-peach.

smoothie3So far, the peanut butter-banana is my favorite, but the other two fruit-yogurt smoothies were tasty, too.  The only change I would make is perhaps adding fewer strawberries; their flavor was a little overpowering in both of the fruity selections.  I’ve contemplated adding protein powder, but for now I’ll stick with fruit and yogurt.

When I got back from my “run,” I watched the shitshow of a race in Kentucky – *sigh* still got a top 10 finish, maintained points lead (silver lining) – then went to go do my usual round of minimal gardening.  Good thing I did…

squashLet there be squash!

My little beauties are all about nine inches long, with the two on the left weighing in at over a pound and the one on the right coming in at about nine ounces.

So, anyone have any squash recipes?




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