Happy 2016!

Apparently, I feel it’s time for my annual blog post.  So ashamed, but I just haven’t made blogging a priority.  Maybe if I can convince myself to make one day a week my regular blogging day, I can at least eke out 52 posts a year? I suppose it would also help if there was anything going on in my life that I felt was blog worthy.

Since I never succeed in keeping resolutions, this year I’m just going to go with goals. My photo-a-day entry today sums them up nicely:


Snap more, knit more, sweat more, travel more, read more & write more. That’s not much to ask is it?

To that end, I’m planning to:

  • Visit the two local photography clubs in the next couple of months to decide if I want to join either of them;
  • Attend knitting guild meetings and attempt to make more of the Saturday knitting meetups. Somehow the stitches flow easier with company;
  • Make sure my rec center renewal went through. I also think I may finally join the Ohio River Road Runners Club. I’ve already registered for the Pittsburgh Marathon 5K. The Hall of Fame 5K is also on my to-do list, as well as the Asheville 10K. Other events are TBD;
  • Traveling is a toughy.  Due to budgetary constraints, most of my travel for the next couple of years will most definitely be domestic, but I’d still like to renew my passport (it helps to know I have a standing invite to Toronto). Savannah is on tap for March & Asheville is in the works for June, along with randomly scattered trips to Western PA. Everything else is up for grabs.
  • Reading & writing are two sides of the same coin. Whipping my way through a stack of trashy romances is never a problem; reading novels with slightly more substance than fluff isn’t my forte – I blame being an English major.  I love the written word but sometimes I just want escapism.  Going to try to work on finding a balance this year. As for writing, I made the potential mistake of soliciting a dozen penpals from my Facebook friends. Only time will tell if I manage to get letters in the mail.

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