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Stitchin’ Saturday 

Well, technically it’s been a stitchin’ Friday AND Saturday, but alliteration rules. 

In my endless, glacial-speed attempt to make friends locally after five years, I spent yesterday evening at a pajama party with some local knitting gals. 

My contributions.

In the end, I’m really glad I went. Met a couple of new ladies, watched a couple of fun movies and swatched for a sweater (wrong gauge, natch) and worked on Furrow sock #1 (Rav link). 

Today was the weekly coffee shop Meetup. Cast on Reyna attempt #3. I just can’t find a color combination I love. 

This one has a certain autumnal / VT thing going on. I’ll give it a couple more repeats and see how it goes. Only got a couple more rows knocked out while watching Caps-Bruins. Way too tense to knit and purl. 

Since we’re getting an extra hour of sleep tonight, I’m curled up with Dr. No and Cozy Afternoon (Rav link). Decided to finally use some of the yarn I picked up in 2016 at the Wool Gathering. 

Just finished picking up the stitches for sleeve #2. Now for some decreases and endless stockinette.  The yarn is a little scratcher than I’d like; I’m hoping it softens up a bit with the first washing. 


BloPoMo? Maybe…

Everything I do anymore is online but I don’t feel like I’m really recording anything (yes, I know that makes NO sense).  While what I really need to do is start journaling again, my phone is never far away – sad but true – so I’ll try to at least drop a couple of lines a day in November and see what happens. 

In my mind, I planned for this to be a massive post on knitting. That’s not going to happen. 

I went to a fiber festival in KY in May with a couple of ladies from the knitting guild and picked up some yarn that I didn’t need, but it was so shiny. 

It was an extremely awkward trip for me. I sort of invited myself along and then felt uncomfortable for hours. You’d think at my advanced age, I’d be over this whole socially awkward thing. Not so much. 

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Sub-Tropical Smoothie

After months of hemming and hawing, I finally headed out to meetup with the local knitting group.  I made it out the door a little later than I planned, but what’s worse is, I went to the wrong location.  For some reason, they chose not to list the actual street address for the location – just the street name.  Guess what, y’all – there’s more than one Tropical Smoothie on that particular avenue.

After 45 minutes, I finally made it to the right location and was promptly welcomed to pull up a chair and pull out my yarn.  Dontcha just love knitters?  I decided to work on something that wouldn’t take a lot of concentration so I could try to meet my fellow yarnsters:


This photo doesn’t do the yarn justice.  I picked up a couple of skeins of madelinetosh DK in the Tart colorway and cast on for her Honey Cowl.  I loooove this color (hell, I love all her colors!).   The pattern says I’m supposed to work on it until it’s 11″ high, but I figure I’ll stop around 7-8″ – that should be enough to keep my neck toasty warm.

My other project du jour is Thea Colman’s Cape Cod sweater (Ravelry link).

cape1back lace panel

This Brooks Farm Four Play has been knit and frogged and knit and tinked so many times that it’s going to take some impressive blocking, but I hope it still turns out.  I need to lifeline it and try it on to see if it’s as baggy as I think it is.  It would be nice to actually finish a sweater before spring came around, but we know how much I looooove to finish projects.

So, anyone have any sock patterns I need to cast on for?

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Field Trip

Since watching the end of this Bears-Steelers game is hella nerve-wracking, I figure I’ll piece together words and photos about my day.  I mistakenly thought the Wool Gathering was NEXT weekend; fortunately I became aware of my mistake in time to do something about it.

After loading HRG on a bus to Georgia with her church group, I refilled my coffee and headed east to Yellow Springs.  Even though I was running a little later than I wanted to, I forced myself to take my time, drive back roads, and check out the scenery.  I’m so glad I did, even if I couldn’t capably capture the sights with my handy Nikon.


moo bwEventually I got to Young’s Jersey Dairy, where the Wool Gathering was taking place.  We got quite a bit of rain Friday night so the field was a little muddy but perfectly navigable.  The cows didn’t mind a bit.

mooThere was a small “petting zoo” tent with some sheep, goats, Angora rabbits, and this sassy fellow.

whazzupQuite possibly my favorite accidental photo of the day.

The other three tents contained various crafty items for sale.  Knitting/crocheting, spinning and weaving were all well represented throughout the Gathering.




dunno(I have no idea what crafty goodness the guy on the bottom was up to)

I told myself I would only spend money if there was a yarn that spoke to me, that I could afford a sweater quantity of.   Enter Morning Meadow Sundries, based in Galloway, OH.  I picked up some incredibly squishy worsted weight alpaca in Charcoal.

squishUnfortunately, you can’t pet the screen to tell how unbelievably soft this yarn is.  I have to say, I love it a lot.  As of right now, I think I’m going to use it for Thea Colman’s Cape Cod pullover (Ravelry link), although Triona Murphy’s Chandail cardigan (Ravelry link) is also in the running.

So that was my day – the first one with any items of note in a long time.  Tomorrow will not be nearly as thrilling – updating my resume and making a handful of copies in preparation for a job fair being held locally.  Wish me luck!

Thank You, Napali

In part of my ongoing quest to avoid discussing and providing evidence of the horrible turn my garden has taken, I’ll show you what I got in the mail today.


In September of ’09, my friend Stephenie & I went on our first trip to Portland, OR.  It remains my only trip, but she went back to PDX recently and sent me a care package, care of her pup, Napali.   Steph & I discovered Knit Purl when we were there four years ago, and she snapped up some sock yarn for me on her recent trip.


yarn_bShibui Knits sock yarn in Tweed & Velvet

The tasting glass from Deschutes may get put to use during the Caps game tomorrow night and I’ll have to come up with some snazzy use for the button she picked up as well.

So thank you Napali (and Steph) for my snazzy yarn.  I’m doubly grateful for it being pre-wound, since my ball winder is tucked away in Arlington.  With any luck, I’ll come up with a pattern to use before I head to the airport on Wednesday.

Circle of Life

When I was in college, I used to get periodic care packages from my grandmother – the one with whom I am currently living.  Usually they consisted of half a cream cheese pound cake (my cousin at ORU got the other half) and some other knickknacks.  Today, I got a care package while living with her that made me smile just as much.


Sure, I’ve seen all kinds of spoilers – thank you, Facebook! – but now my grandmother and I can watch DA from the beginning.  She all but snatched the DVDs out of my hand when I opened the box; I had to take them back in order to take the picture.

And yarn!  Oh happy, glorious, yummy sock yarn!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Holly of the Sheepish podcast for my package of goodies!  You’ve just guaranteed my sanity for at least another 10-15 minutes!

The multi-colored yarn is Mind the Gap by Trailing Clouds.  It’s self-striping and I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to cast it on.  MTG has special, giggly significance to Holly and myself.  She and I went to London and Paris together in September 2006 and had a blast, near concussion and all.

The dark blue-green superwash is Twinkle Sock by Unwind Yarn Company in the Aurora Borealis colorway.  The rich red is the Tranquil BFL by Wool Therapy.  Both will be delicious and keep my little fingers busy for weeks to come.  Of course, they’ll all have to wait until I get a hold of my ball winder and scale back in the wilds of Virginia.  I never did master the art of winding a center-pull ball by hand.

I have to keep reminding myself that I have two different socks already on the needles and that I do not need to cast on another sock right now.  Primavera #1 is coming along.

primaveraI’m a bit further along than this now; I’ve finished the heel flap and am starting to close up the gusset.  It’s a little snug so I’ll have to try it on again once the gusset is taken care of to see if I have to frog it and start again.  I know it’s green and all, but PLEASE no frogging.

Look, Kids – Knitting!

I barely picked up the needles during my stint in Fayetteville, and I’ve been trying to figure out just why that was the case.  There was one incident where dear Buster did a little drooling on my sock yarn, but I don’t think I avoided knitting because of him.  I don’t know if I was embarrassed or uncomfortable or if I was too busy, but I feel like I’ve rarely set them down once I’ve set foot in Dayton.


I LOVE these fingerless mitts!  It’s been so long since I’ve completed a project that I don’t even remember how to write it up.

Pattern:  Rannoch by Swords & Needles
Yarn: can’t find the ball band, but I think it’s Paton’s Classic Wool in a forest green-ish color (1 skein)
Needles: Size 6 dpns (we know my feelings on dpns, but they were necessary)
Verdict: love love love love love.  They’re exactly what I wanted.  Quick, easy knit; great to wear while snapping photos on a February afternoon in Ohio


These are somewhere between a WIP and a UFO.  Cookie A’s Summer Sox were originally my Ravellenic project for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.  I didn’t even come CLOSE to finishing them before the flame was extinguished (again, I was in the ‘nam at the time).  Now that I have knit the second sock and done the two decreases…I’m not sure that I love them.   I haven’t closed up the toe of the second sock yet because there’s still a chance I’ll frog the pair and cast on something new.

Speaking of something new (I know, right??!?!?!!):


It doesn’t look like much but this is the cuff of my Jeck socks.  The cuff that I frogged late last night.  I’d gotten maybe 6″ into it and decided that it was just WAY too snug as I tried to tug it over my heel.  Since I was switching to the larger size anyway, I went ahead and used Judy’s Magic Cast-On and am attempting to switch this around to a toe-up sock.  Stay tuned for the comic relief!

Blessed Peace

After three days of Spawn-sitting, the house has been blessedly quiet all weekend.  Of course, this meant I had to drag my grandmother out in the streets!  The wind chill climbed out of the negatives, so we went to the local library for their program on famous folks who are buried at Woodland Cemetery.  The program was informative, if a little dry.

wrightArguably, Orville & Wilbur Wright are the most famous residents of Woodland.  Other inhabitants include columnist Erma Bombeck, prominent Ohio politicians, the “father of American beekeeping,” and inventors of the cash register and self-starting car ignition.  Apparently, there are also several members of my family on my mother’s side that are buried on the property as well.  Who knew?

In case you thought I was lying, I DO have a finished object:

molly jrMolly, Jr.

Knit up in just under a week – which for me is BLAZINGLY fast – Erin Ruth’s Molly hat was fun and easy.  The worst part of it is that I sort of awkwardly magic-looped the whole thing on a needle that was a little too short.  I picked up the Cascade 220 when I was in Columbus early last month to make a different hat, but I ended up not loving it.  Enter, Molly Jr!  I think I probably made it a little deeper than I needed to, but for now, it’s definitely keeping my head warm.

Last but not least, my week 4 Fat Mum Slim mosaic:


 24. Stripes, 25. Landscape, 26. Together, 27. Peeking Through, 28. Through, 29. Grow, 30. Down, Bonus 1. Xing, Bonus 2. Shelter

January is in the books, and February is going strong.  The prompt for tomorrow has me stumped but I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

Fat Mum Slim Roundup


 1. I say tomahtoes…, 2. What’s black, white and re(a)d all over?, 3. AM or PM?, 4. Up the Creek, 5. SURPRISE!, 6. Honey Nut, 7. Older Than Me, 8. Bedtime Stories, 9. Is There a Better Pair?

Two weeks down, fifty to go!  I love this project and I really want to complete it this time.  The debate I continue to have with myself is – do I use it as more of a scrapbook-y, “day in the life”, snap-any-photo-that-meets-the-theme project or do I really use it to try to improve my photography?  Obviously, I should use it for both, but there are some photos that I like better that I don’t use because I don’t feel like the “story” is as entertaining.  We’ll see, maybe I’ll evolve as the year goes on.

Other than that, I am knitting again.


This is the Pathways hat by Erica Harbin (Ravelry link).  Well, technically, it’s half of a Pathways hat.  Braids alternating with seed stitch panels done in workhorse Cascade 220 yarn.  I’m knocking it out on dpns (not my favorite, but more budget conscious, since I’d need them to close up the top anyway).  Hopefully I can knock it out in the next couple of days, because the temps are supposed to drop back down into the 20s early next week.

Delayed Inspiration

dish duty

Rejected “Movement” photo

After countless emails and text messages, I finally met with my aunt’s friend for coffee this afternoon to discuss what’s next for me.  I’m not sure I knew what to expect from our conversation; there’s a part of me that just expects to be told what’s going on since I haven’t exactly been in control of my own destiny of late.  I think she’s going to refer me to someone who is part therapist (yay) and part life coach (YAY!).  I think she’s going to make an email introduction next week, then – theoretically – it will be up to me to take the next step.

When I first arrived at the coffee shop, there was a knitting group sitting in the front window.  If I hadn’t been so worried about sitting down with Dr. D, I probably would’ve pulled up a chair and joined them – I did have my sock in my bag after all – but since I had to go be adult and responsible and all that twaddle, I went and sat at the bar and drank my pricey cup of Joe (and took photos of unsuspecting baristas).

I’m attempting Fat Mum Slim’s Photo-a-Day project again this year.  Historically I’m usually good for a couple of months before I completely fall off the wagon, but I really want to try to make it this year.  Today’s prompt was Movement.  As the title implies, I didn’t decide what my photo was going to be until about 11:30 this evening.  Fortunately, my grandmother had the prop I needed.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the patience to get the shot I wanted.

tilesI ultimately ended up using the bottom left photo.  I do have a separate photography blog, such as it is.  I wish there was a photography meetup group that interested me in Dayton, but I didn’t come across one during my initial search.  Maybe I’ll look into starting my own, once the weather warms up.