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Starting Over

Another new year, another opportunity for change.  I’ve made a number of resolutions for 2014, but some of them are still not quite etched in stone.  The perennial “lose weight/get healthy” resolution has been made and ignored for so many years running (and is made by so much of the population) that it’s barely worth mentioning.  I did manage to start off on the right foot, though!


Since I had to head to Columbus for Eric’s New Year’s Day brunch and bowl game fiesta, I decided to see if there was a 5K in the area, and I found this one in Dublin.  It was sponsored by a local fitness club and was, I imagine, their way to get people to kick off their resolution and perhaps get new people into their facility.  For obvious reasons, I won’t be headed back but I enjoyed my 3+ mile stroll through the streets of Dublin.

My grandmother got me a Fitbit Flex for Christmas.  I really wanted a Force, but I’m embracing its younger brother.  The only way I get anywhere even remotely close to my 10,000 step/day goal is by exercising. Today, I knocked out my total before noon:


Had a great time at Eric’s shindig.  I barely watched any of the games – the Buckeyes don’t play til Friday – but it was good to meet new people, catch up with old friends and replace all those calories I burned off in the morning.  The taco dip I whipped up never made it out of the trunk of the car.  There was SO much food – and a field trip for Chinese food – so I just didn’t think it was worth digging it out.

We did play Cards Against Humanity.


As bad as I am at Apples to Apples, I’m ten times worse at CAH.  It’s also a bit tricky playing with people you don’t know very well.  I still managed to get 5 black cards, but it was an uphill battle.

Mother Nature is interfering with my quest for health.  Forecast calls for it to start snowing off and on tonight and all day tomorrow so my evening commute to the community center should be mucked up.  I have a gym bag packed and sitting by the door, so we’ll see what happens.