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Perennial Resolution

I made a metric shit-ton (well, four) New Year’s resolutions this year. The first one shouldn’t even really count.  I mean, doesn’t virtually everyone who bothers with resolutions make one about losing weight/become more healthy/exercising more?  As I’ve been overweight practically my entire life, I feel like this one is made and forgotten as a matter of course.

This year, I’m going about it a little bit differently.  I’m trying to make specific sub-goals.  Something easily quantifiable.  In no particular order:


Go to the gym/workout 4x a week.  I was easily doing 5-6 times a week while I was unemployed but motivating to go after work is SO much more difficult, especially now that the weather’s crappy.  We’re supposed to get another round of significant snowfall tomorrow into Monday so we’ll see if I feel like fighting the weather and the roads to start my week off on the right foot.  I’m in a wedding in two months so I definitely need to do my best to be able to fit into the dumb dress I bought several months ago.


Eat better.  I need to get back into the habit of tracking my food & measuring out portion sizes.  I also need to cut back on carbs, though it’s unlikely I’ll ever get rid of them entirely (I like bread WAY too much).  I also need to increase my vegetable intake, either by mixing it into things like tonight’s Chicken & Sausage Stew, or by making sure to include them in every meal and having them for snacks.

Do six 5Ks in 2014.  Originally, I said one per month but decided that was crazy talk.  I got off to a good start by doing the Commitment 5K on the 1st, so now I just need to find 5 more.  I’m seriously considering the Pi Day 5K in Columbus the second weekend of March, but I should probably find a couple closer to home.  I’d love to do one in Chicago with my friend Tammy or back in VA with friends, but we’ll see how the schedule ends up looking.  I’m not sure I’ll ever be up to running one, but I’d like to at least run/walk a couple of them.  My baseline time – walking the whole way – was just under 50 minutes.  Hopefully I’ll shave a few minutes off here and there.


10,000 steps.  Now that I have my handy-dandy Fitbit Flex, I’ve become obsessed with making the little bugger vibrate to indicate that I reached my step goal.  Of course, I’ve noticed as I walk laps around the house to increase my step count, I’m counteracting anything good by pausing at the cookie table at the back of the kitchen on every other pass.  As almost all of the holiday cookies are now gone, this shouldn’t remain a problem for too much longer.

Miscellany.  Parking farther from the store or office (though this is tricky with temperatures hovering around zero).  Fetching my morning (and afternoon) coffee from the oasis that’s farther from my desk (and taking a circuitous route through the cubicle farm).  Jumping jacks, planking or push-ups when the other team scores during Caps games (which is far too freakin’ often).

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