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It Unifies, It Never Dies

“It has NOT been 20 years!  There’s no WAY it’s been two decades!!”  This was the popular refrain last weekend at my *gulp* 20th college reunion.

0525Shouldn’t we be registering in the KC?

I was largely flying under the radar, as I wasn’t sure I was even going to be able to attend until the day before.  Despite my best intentions to just zip up for the day and visit people, the legion of bad influences I ran into convinced me to spend the night.  Well, that and the abundance of white wine consumed at the class dinner.

In case I haven’t gushed about it lately, I LOVED my alma mater.  Kenyon College, nestled in the middle of nowhere about an hour northeast of Columbus, OH was the perfect place for me to attend college.  Close enough to home that I felt secure, far enough away that my folks didn’t plan many surprise visits.  Small enough to feel cozy and comforting, friendly enough for me to find myself.  Despite the fact that I’m HORRIBLE about keeping in touch with people, the friendships I made during that time of my life continue to be some of my most cherished.  That’s probably why it was so hard for me to tear myself away when it was time to go home.

Plus it’s gorgeous.

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I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I should have/wanted to.  My point-and-shoot has been on the fritz and I didn’t feel like lugging my DSLR around everywhere I went.  Consequently, I have ZERO photos of the friends I went back to see this weekend.  The whole weekend is kind of a blur, frankly.  There were a lot of friendly faces and only a handful that I had trouble placing.  There was one humiliating, white-wine-fueled fangirl moment where I slurred on some poor guy that I barely knew when we were in school together, but I’m fairly certain he’s already forgotten all about it.  Please let him have already forgotten about it.

okYeah, I lived in the same dorm as Paul Newman.  No big.

I fully intended to write this post earlier in the week, preparing to mark June as my own blog-posting month.  We see how that went.  It’s not that I don’t INTEND to post; it’s that I think about it, then I forget about it, then it’s a week later and I’m all ‘oh crap’.  I’ll try to make a plan and see what happens.  I wouldn’t recommend that anyone hold their breath though.

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